Bride Confused When Bridesmaid Jumps In Lake, But When She Sees Why Can’t Stop Smiling

Before Rosie even knew what was happening, the bride’s sister, Faye West, kicked off her heels and ran into the lake.

“I had shouted ‘Can someone do something!?’” Rosie recalled. “I assumed maybe one of the guests would get a stick and scare it before it was too late. But by the time I had looked around to see if anyone was close enough to help, Faye was pretty much already in the lake.”

Faye frightened off the attacking swan and then picked up the gosling and returned it to its mother. She climbed out of the lake to cheers.

It is widely believed that a mother bird will abandon its baby if a human touches it, but Frank B. Gill, former president of the American Ornithologists’ Union, says that’s not actually true.

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“If a bird’s nest is disturbed by a potential predator during the nesting or egg-laying stage, there’s a possibility that [it] will desert and re-nest,” he said. “However, once the young are hatched and feeding, [their parents are] by and large pretty tenacious.”

We’re sure this mother goose was very thankful to Faye for saving her baby.

“When a bridesmaid ends up in a lake it’s usually not a great sign at a wedding,” Rosie laughed. “But afterwards everyone was cheering. Faye was welcomed back a hero!”



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