She Notices Something ‘Off’ On 1st Date. 4 Months Later D e v a s t a t i n g Truth Revealed

Sadly, Steve’s health declined rapidly. In January 2013, he lost the ability to speak, and in the following months he lost over 65 pounds. Eventually, his legs became paralyzed and he was forced to start using a wheelchair.

It was heartbreaking for Hope to watch her husband decline so quickly, but she never left his side and she never wavered.

“When I look at him, I think he is as handsome as ever,” she said. “He is still gorgeous. He doesn’t shave anymore, but I like it.”

The couple returned to their home in Georgia and Hope resigned from her job as a therapist so she could stay home and take care of Steve full-time.

While Steve’s body is failing him, his mind and heart have not. Though he can’t speak, he can still communicate with the help of computers.


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