She Notices Something ‘Off’ On 1st Date. 4 Months Later D e v a s t a t i n g Truth Revealed

He and Hope have even worked together to found a project called “DRIVE,” which allows Steve to continue his hobby of painting. In an incredibly unique art form, Steve drives over paint with his wheelchair and then uses the wheels as his brushes as he drives over a canvas. He sells his beautiful paintings to help pay for his medical bills.

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Steve has now been living with ALS for six years, already beating the odds. He and Hope don’t know how much longer they have together, but they are making each day count and cherishing every moment together.

While they know they will probably have to say goodbye one day, they are still hoping and praying that a cure for ALS will be found in Steve’s lifetime.

While our hearts break for this incredible couple, we also come away from their story with a renewed mindfulness that we are not promised even our next breath. Let’s all remember to love those we are with, live the life we’ve been given to the fullest, and never take a moment for granted.



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