Here Are 8 Body Signs You Are Aging Faster Than You Should

There are a few indicators that could help you realize if you are predisposed to an impeded aging process, which signals that you might have health problems as you grow older.

Aging is inevitable because it happens to all of us. So, it is futile to fret over the wrinkles or the fact that you cannot groove to your jam till three in the night. While there are certain ailments which usually comes along with old age, there are a few which if it is persistent in your 20s and 30s, can affect your aging process.

1. Diagnosed & a leaky gut

  • Systematic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions like a leaky gut is a sign of aging since chronic inflammation increases with age.
  • You will experience skin issues like acne or psoriasis, digestive troubles, and food sensitivities.
  • To maintain healthy bacteria in your gut, a diet shift by incorporating probiotic-rich foods and beverages in your diet.

2. Experiencing brain fog

  • If you are experiencing fatigue, irritability, concentration problems, distorted short-term memory, headaches, anxiety, and insomnia then it can be a sign of impeded aging.
  • Brain fog is a symptom associated with age, which can increase in degree as you get older.

3. Not enough muscle mass

  • Strength training is important to keep your bones strong and healthy, especially if any bone-related problems run in your family.
  • Well, cardio is great, but do not neglect your muscles.
  • You might tend to lose strength as you age, but starting off with no strength training might not help you.

4. Aching joints

  • Joint pains generally do not subside by themselves and it might get worse as you grow older.
  • It also entails inflammation and swellings.
  • To avoid joint pains, you could switch to anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, turmeric, fruits and vegetables and foods such as inflammation busting omega 3 fatty acids such as fatty fish, walnuts, chia seeds, and flax.
  • This shift can help keep your joints oiled up and allow you to nimble.

5. Oral health problems

  • Your mouth can serve as an indicator or rather a peek into the overall health of your body and some oral health problems might not be age specific as well.
  • If you have oral problems like cavities and gum diseases there might be inflammations an infection elsewhere in your body.
  • You could rectify the situation by keeping your gums healthy by removing plaque and bacteria.
  • This would prevent the swelling and bleeding in your gums and prevent the infection, which could affect the bones under your teeth and avoid it from spreading throughout your body.

6. Drained out of energy

  • Feeling worn-out after a long and busy week is normal, but experiencing decreased energy levels that impede your ability to exercise is unusual and can be a sign of age-related problems.
  • A good hormonal balance can help you age better since energy-related problems can correlate to hormone imbalances like thyroid, adrenaline, and hormones decline.

7. Changes in your skin and hair

  • Women with hormonal imbalances experience early signs of aging that present themselves by thinning hair and weak fingernails.
  • Thyroid hormone is important for factors like metabolism, memory, focus, concentration, skin, and hair growth, which is why the decline in hormones can impact your present and future health.

8. Balance is off

  • Body balance is a salient feature that we tend to take for granted and it is normal for your balances reflexes to go in your late 20s.
  • This does not make it an excuse to give in to the inevitable fate and allow them to get worse with time.
  • This makes it important for you to exercise your entire body from head to toe.
  • So, embrace your body’s motion and keep moving.

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